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Jaguar E-Type

All Smiths E-Type Oil and voltmeter Gauges are bench tested prior to shipment.



E-Type Oil Pressure Gauges and Voltmeters

E-Type Oil Pressure Gauges

Two of the most common Instrument complaints that we hear from E-Type Owners are:

  • I've had my Oil Pressure Gauge rebuilt and have also replaced the sender and the gauge is still not accurate.

  • I've upgraded the Oiling system in my engine and need to replace the original 60 PSI Oil Pressure Gauge with a 100 PSI Gauge.
Finally. after several years of prodding, Nisonger has been able to convince Smiths to produce a replacement for the troublesome original "E-Type" Bi-Metalic Oil Pressure Gauges. These replacements Utilize a "Modern Day" Air Core Movement and come complete with a matching Sender in both a 60 PSI and 100 PSI range. These gauges are also suitable for use in most '60's era Jaguar Sedans; they are currently in stock for immediate shipment and are available exclusively from "The Source", Nisonger Instruments.

E-Type 0-60 PSI Oil Pressure Gauge

60 PSI Oil Pressure Sender


E-Type 0-100 PSI Oil Pressure Gauge

100 PSI oil Pressure Sender


E-Type Voltmeters

E-Type Series 3 Voltmeter

The Series 3 "E" Type BV2202/00 Voltmeters have been out of production for 40+ years. This replacement is a duplicate of the original Voltmeter thus it will perfectly match the 3 other original gauges.


E-Type Series 1 & 2 Lucas Voltmeter

This Lucas Voltmeter is the perfect upgrade/replacement for any Series 1 or 2 E-Type Lucas Ammeter as well as those used in '60's era Jaguar sedans. The Graphics, Typeface and the Bezel perfectly match those of the original Ammeters.


Both Voltmeters utilize a modern Aircore movement which assures their long term reliability and have stamped steel housing (just like the original ammeters), not the plastic housing used for other current production Smiths Voltmeters.

These Voltmeters are currently in stock and are available exclusively from "The Source", Nisonger Instruments.


Replacement Clock

Jaguar XKE Series 2/3


Blue Bulb Boots

Green Bulb Boots

These "Bulb Boots" are the perfect replacement for the burned out or badly faded original Blue or Green plastic light filters installed in all E-Type and '61-'68 era Jaguar Sedan Instruments; and of course, they're available exclusively from "The Source", Nisonger Instruments.


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