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Original 427 Cobras were equipped with Smiths, NOT Auto Meter, Stewart Warner or VDO gauges!

Original Smiths Gauges

Auto Meter Gauges

Stewart Warner Gauges

VDO Gauges

The gauges we sell to you are the same Smiths gauges that we supply to restoration facilities including McClusky Ltd, Aluminum Restorations, Cobra Restorers, etc.

All Smiths Cobra gauge sets are bench tested prior to shipment and are covered by a 2 year warranty



Smiths "Original Equipment" 427 Cobra OEM Gauges/Instruments

If you are building a Cobra Replica, you've spent a substantial amount of time and money assembling your car -- why finish it off with a set of counterfeit gauges?

Our 427 Cobra gauges are made from the same tooling as the originals, are identical in appearance to the originals and carry the same part numbers as the originals.

100 mm 180 MPH Counterclockwise Speedometer

Please see the 427 Cobra Speedometer Section for the complete range of available Mechanical, GPS and Programmable Electronic MPH & KPH Speedometers

100 mm 8,000 RPM Tachometer

52 mm Mechanical Oil Pressure

52 mm Mechanical Water Temperature

52 mm 270° Electric
10 PSI Fuel Pressure

52 mm Mechanical Oil Temperature

52 mm Fuel Level

52 mm Lucas Ammeter

The current production tachometer circuitry has been updated to make them compatible with virtually every modern day electronic ignition system.

Fuel gauges are manufactured using state-of-the-art air-core movements and are available for use with a variety of tank sending units.


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