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  Our lead technician has over 55 years of Smiths experience and our staff has a combined total of over 120 years of experience in the servicing of Smiths & British Jaeger Instruments.




E-Type Series 3 Voltmeter

The Series 3 "E" Type BV2202/00 Voltmeters have been out of production for 40+ years. This replacement is a duplicate of the original Voltmeter thus it will perfectly match the 3 other original gauges.


E-Type Series 1 & 2 Voltmeter

This Lucas Voltmeter is the perfect upgrade/replacement for any Series 1 or 2 E-Type Lucas Ammeter as well as those used in '60's era Jaguar sedans. The Graphics, Typeface and the Bezel perfectly match those of the original Ammeters.



E-Type Series 2 & 3 Clocks: Two Solutions For These Non-Working/Non-Rebuildable Clocks

The newly introduced Smiths CTE3107/01 quartz movement replacement clock
priced at $169.95 plus shipping.

A complete quartz conversion of your existing clock
for just $189.95 plus shipping.

The new replacement clocks are in stock for immediate shipment and the
quartz conversion can be completed within our current rebuilding schedule.


160 PSI/ 120C Combination Pressure/Temperature Gauge

As used on many fuel injected CanAm, Formula and Sports Racing Cars and/or any cars with high pressure oiling systems. Comes with choice of either 5/8 UNF or 3/8 NPT Temp Sensor Fitting. Chrome or Black Full V Bezel.


5" Smiths Chronometric Style 8,000 RPM Electronic Tachometer

This Tachometer is a faithful reproduction of the 5" "Flat Faced" Chronometric/Mechanical RC167 Counterclockwise 8,000 RPM Tachometers used in many Competition and Sports Cars of the '50's & 60's. Since this Tachometer is powered by modern day electronic internal components (vs. the original mechanical drive mechanism), it is compatible for use with 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engines and virtually all current production electronic or points ignition systems. This Tachometer can be ordered with either a Black (as pictured) or Chrome Bezel and it is backed with a 2 year guarantee. These reproduction Electronic RC167 Tachometers are available only from Nisonger and they are in stock and available for immediate shipment!


Chronometric Style 80 mm Electronic Racing Tachometer

Now you can replace your Cable Drive Chronometric or Mechanical Tach with a Modern Day Electronic Tach and still retain the look of a '50's - '60's style Chronometric Tachometer. This 80mm Smiths tach is compatible with virtually all modern day electronic ignitions and even says Chronometric on the face! Choice of: 8,000, 10,000 or 12,000 RPM range




Perfect Reproduction MG TC/TD Speedometer and Tachometer Bezels

$79.95 each plus shipping

These bezels are now in stock and available for immediate shipment!


Ammeter Case/Bezel for Lucas BM4 Ammeters

Used in MG T Series and Triumph TR2/3

$59.95 each plus shipping

Call us at 914.381.3600 to place your order!


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